Renew body and spirit with your choice of treatments.
Massage Therapy
Traditional Massage Therapy –
Nurturing, relaxing and rejuvenating.

1 Hour ..... $70
1 1/2 Hours ..... $95
Craniosacral Therapy or
Core Synchronism

Gentle holds unwind the neural core to release
stress patterns. Powerful, yet deeply calming.

1 Hour ..... $70
1 1/2 Hours ..... $95
Deep Tissue Massage
Releases deeply held tension, increases mobility and addresses chronic pain. Restructures, clears and organizes muscular and connective tissue. May include Neuromuscular Therapy & Myofascial Release.
1 Hour ..... $85
1.5 Hours ..... $110

Integrative Massage
Combines Traditional or Deep Tissue massage with Cranial Sacral Therapy or Core Synchronism, and may also include Reflexology, Trigger Point and Acupressure. Specifically tailored to your needs, this is designed for easing chronic pain and fatigue, increasing flexibility, reconnecting your whole being and becoming human again!
1 Hour ..... $90
1.5 Hours ..... $120


Dancer's Delight

Reflexology with herbal foot wrap. Ginger increases
circulation, relieves pain and stiffness and revitalizes the tissues.

1 Hour with some massage ..... $100
1 1/2 Hours with full massage ..... $130

Hot Rocks
Wonderfully effective for chronic pain and grounding.
1 Hour with massage ..... $90
1 1/2 Hours with massage ..... $120

Cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing.
1 Hour with some massage ..... $100
1 1/2 Hours with full massage ..... $130

Hot Ginger Pack*
Massage combined with a ginger pack.
1 Hour ..... $100
1 1/2 Hours ..... $130

The Royal Treatment*
Experience massage with hot rocks and TWO Therapists ..... Ahh!
1 Hour ..... $150

Reiki, Polaraity,
or Healing Touch

Recharge your life force with hands-on healing. Your choice of three modalities of energy therapy
1 Hour ..... $70
Applied pressure to certain areas of the feet related to organ systems releases tension, restores balance and harmony.
1 Hour ..... $70

An ancient Ayurvedic treatment, applying a steady stream of warm oil to the Third Eye area, calming and balancing the nervous system
Approximately 1 1/2 Hours ..... $150

Experience stress relief for particular
conditions as your own vital Qi balances body and mind

1 1/2 Hours ..... $95

*(Advance notice needed)

We accept cash, personal checks and credit cards.
Prices do not include NM tax or gratuity. NM tax will be added to final price.


PLEASE NOTE: 50% charge for less than 24 hour cancellation.

Missed appointments will be charged the full amount.



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